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I felt inspired to share more on the topic—more on the responsibility tied to that statement. More to push someone just a little further to the edge of making THE jump.

When I say THE jump, I don't mean "the jump from corporate to entrepreneurship" or the "jump into your next job"; I mean the JUMP into your next... or first passion project. The jump into an unknown world. Or the jump into the feeling that naturally engulfs you when you push yourself to the next level. It happens when you drop that one thing you've been afraid to drop because of how people will perceive you. Will they think it's good? Worthy? Sometimes, not even what others will think but what YOU will feel about yourself. Will you feel fulfilled and accomplished? Or inscesure and inadequte. Nervous that you'll just straight up have an anxiety attack even at the thought.

Every time I am about to do something that I've wanted to do. I get anxious; It just comes with it! It's NORMAL. While you're all afraid, others have overcome & continue to overcome with each drop & level up! It comes from releasing a part of yourself that you love but have kept private. It stems from when you're vulnerable or haven't gotten the validation you wanted. It's literally a protection mechanism your own brain does.

I'm just here to tell you. Accept the anxiety. Don't let it cripple you or hold you back. It isn't going anywhere & there isn't going to be a perfect time ever not to feel it. Part of life is experiencing & owning your emotions and holding yourself accountable to get through each one, especially when you've got purpose bestowed on you.

Ok, I'm off my soapbox now, but I want more people to do what they want. Don't ever put yourself in a box. Period!

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