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VITAMIN B Blog -Embracing Change and Trusting the Journey: Life Update


It's been a whirlwind of a year, filled with incredible growth, self-discovery, and unexpected twists. SO for this blog, I’m just doing a little bit of a life update.

First things first, let's talk about goals. I'm here as living proof, It's okay to reassess and readjust when needed! I actually reverted BACK to those “oh-so-big” goals that others felt wasn't doable for me. And you know what? It has been surprisingly easy to execute!

Sometimes, we need to listen to our own intuition and trust ourselves more than the doubts of others.

One of the deepest realizations I had during this journey of self-discovery (took a break from dating & relationships) was the importance of personal responsibility for my own happiness. Relationships are undoubtedly significant and bring sparks of light into our lives.

However, I learned that relying solely on others for my happiness was an unfair burden to place on them. And honestly, a burden on myself to expect that. True fulfillment is a decision, and the people in your life should only enhance your experience, not become the entirety of your existence. I feel like when God has something for you to do; he'd never send you anyone that would take all of you away from the life you've built for yourself and goals that, hopefully, you're in the middle of accomplishing.

Inevitably, with personal growth and change, some relationships naturally evolve and fade away. Losing friends and connections that we thought would last forever can be hard af and even heartbreaking. But you know what? It's all part of trusting God's plan. Suck it up, figure it out (: Trusting in the divine timing of things has become a cornerstone of my belief system. As I let go of what no longer serves me, I create space for new, authentic relationships to enter my life. It's an ongoing process of growth and learning, and I'm embracing it with open arms.

Now, let's talk business!

My entrepreneurial journey has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. But I'm proud to say that I am in a position to scale properly and in full force! Learning from past experiences has given me valuable insights that have allowed me to understand what I needed to change about my mindset. I reached the maximum capacity of clients with just me running my consulting company, PY, and that in itself was a significant milestone. But the exciting news doesn't end there! I have recently welcomed four incredible consultants to my team who are the perfect fit for the job. The timing couldn't have been more perfect, highlighting the subtle yet profound influence of divine timing. My goal is to be able to work on the business and not in the business, I haven't even really been in a position to market my business because I've been so busy with clients, but now that I'm scaling, I'm able to actually pay attention to some of the more significant strategic moves and partnerships, that I would like to make, as well as new branches of business.

I'm on the verge of launching a brand-new business venture, PY Box. Although it's slightly behind schedule, I've come to realize that progress is progress, no matter the pace. Throughout the planning process, I set ambitious timelines, and while not all of them made perfect sense along the way, I have learned to grant myself grace and flexibility. Embracing change and remaining adaptable are essential ingredients in the recipe 100%!

My life is ever-evolving, and I've learned to trust myself, cherish the moments of connection, and adapt to the winds of change. Life is too short to be held back by limiting beliefs and expectations of others or myself! Embrace the unexpected, pursue your dreams, and never underestimate the power of divine timing.


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Until next time, your dose of Vitamin B 😊


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