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Updated: Mar 21, 2022


Welcome to my first post! This was extremely impromptu. I usually am over meticulous about planning & rolling out a whole "marketing plan," but lately, I've been finding it incredibly freeing to do more and plan less. This blog is in conjunction with the "Vitamin B" Podcast, launching this month!

The podcast is intended as an outlet for me to speak on topics that I experience in my life. They may be relatable; they may not. But honestly, this is a passion project and something I feel God has been leading me to do for a while. I do feel like it's something that will motivate others in some way or another - this is my only hope for "Vitamin B".

Ok, let's get into the actual Vitamin B blog part (:

I wrote this post at the end of my vacation in Maui. It started off as a todo list, but then I decided to write a little intro for myself at the beginning anddddddd here we are lol.

Back On The Saddle

After a week-long vacation in Maui, only two weeks after my three-week vacation in Cabo. I am READY to jump back on the saddle! All gas, no breaks. I am excited to continue building my team, closing more contracts in my business, and launching my new podcast and product lines. I have many events on the table for the remainder of 2022 & I am looking forward to living my life to the fullest. I know I will have some challenges in my relationships, along with getting my discipline & time management back up to par. But, I have a few things in place that will help me.

1. Business w/ Princess - she will make sure I am on track with timelines & goals - she will help the back end of my business run smoothly

2. New Assistant - She will help me with off-loading tasks off my plate & will help with some social media campaign initiatives, securing influencing contracts & building my new product lines

3. IBM - I am a baby bit nervous about what this will look like, if I'm honest. I've spent the last year of my life being my own boss. That freedom mentality that I was exposed to is honestly something I think I can hold on to forever... in any situation. IBM will bring in the capital to continue my business endeavors without going into debt. It will help create the disciplined structure that I need within my life to fulfill my big goals & stay focused! + its a (remote) six-figure salary... Who would turn that down!

4. My new Townhome! Such an accomplishment for me & I'm so blessed! I have always wanted to live in a townhome, and I will NOT be afraid to showcase this massive milestone in my life! Period. My new place will give me the fresh start I NEED. Living w/ my mom & brother since August back in my hometown has been great - it had its ups & downs. But truthfully, it hinders me in the environment area; I NEED to be in my own space. This is huge & my new townhome is In DALLAS, right where I want to be. It's brand new, 3 floors, over 1,600 sqft & has the BEST natural lighting with unique features. This will help me stay motivated, keep myself in a great space & ensure I am comfortable in my downtime. This also means I get to host again! One of my favorite things is being a host. Pre-games, game nights, group dinners, work sessions; I'm here for it ALL. Not to mention my best content yet - Yupp, I'm IN that bag.

5. My 30-day prayer journal challenge - I always take time to pray, several times daily. But I want to be a bit more intentional about tracking/writing in my prayer journal. Throughout this transitional time, I want to write in my prayer journal daily & see what kind of difference that makes in areas in my life that could be stronger. Will report back!

Sometimes, my life can definitely be overwhelming. I am well-respected by many people in my community so I pride myself on doing good business, helping others achieve their goals, improving their mindsets, and collaborating on events. I feel that people expect me to reach their expectations of "great" 24/7. I have my moments when I take time for myself & I've done that a lot over the last year. I am ready to embark on a new Chapter.

Shameless Plug! (Bonus)

I've got lots of events coming up this year so to stay in the loop on the next one, join my email list! I will also be sharing business & productivity resources as well as first dibs on any event's I have + freebies like e-books & giveaways.

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Until next time, signing off.

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